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Hello, My name is Tiana Allen, The "WellnessPreneur." You can also call me, "Tiana the Teacher"

After over 18+ years of experience cutting my teeth in entrepreneurship, I now teach healthy and organic strategies to those seeking to create longevity in their companies.

More about me:


  • Licensed Health Practitioner (Alternative Health)

  • Bachelor's (Behavioral Science)

  • Master's (Adult Education, Leadership, Learning and Organizational Development)

  • Graduate Degree (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM))

  • Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt

  • Change Management Specialist

The foundation was laid in Chicago in 2003 as I started on the road to becoming a Licensed Health Practitioner. I worked alongside some amazing Physicians in  Alternative Health who taught me the values, morals and ethics that I still use today. These mentors paved the way for me to further start my own private practice. A small but powerful healing studio we all know today as "The Wellness Sanctuary."

In 2007, I began my career as an Educator teaching at various Colleges, Literacy Organizations and K-12 Schools. Being in the classroom brought me so much joy. There, I was able to share my knowledge with budding students eager to learn. I am still and always will be a teacher.

Through having these experiences, I was able to branch out and utilize my knowledge to become an author, media reporter, and consultant.

Currently, with nearly 2 decades of wisdom in the fields of business, healthcare, journalistic/academic writing and education; I've garnered amazing success in every avenue I've ventured out in. 

Now, I'd like to show others how to do the same.

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