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Hello, My name is Tiana.
Let me teach you how to create the organic and authentic success your company deserves.

With 17 Years experience of learning, growing and doing business, Tiana Allen a.k.a. "Tiana the Teacher" is a WellnessPreneur, Educator and Behavioral Therapist with a healthy amount of wisdom to share. In addition, Tiana is an avid writer, 5x author and journalism enthusiast who is highly impassioned about creating social change. With that, Tiana has garnered amazing success in every avenue she ventured out in. Now she is showing others how to do the same.


Check out Tiana's Ventures:


The Wellness Sanctuary


The Journey Institute of Wellness (nonprofit)


The Focus Plan® Journal Planners


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Xennial and Gen X

Business Owners

It is evident that Most Xennial/

Gen X'ers don't relate to the younger entrepreneurs style of "doing business." This generation did not grow up with social media or  technology at it's disposal. What they had was CREATIVITY.

WIth that, Let Tiana Allen help you use what you already learned in life and create a thriving business out of it. We will go step by step.

On the alternate side, maybe you are an older adult that is having a tough time finding your purpose. You may be an empty-nester, divorcing from a long relationship or changing careers. Even if business ownership is not the path you want to choose let us help you find your amazing in life.

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