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Hello, My name is Tiana Allen. Most of my clients call me "Tiana the Teacher"

With over 18+ years of experience cutting my teeth in entrepreneurship, I now consult with eager entrepreneurs and corporate organizations to provide them with the healthy and organic strategies they need to create longevity in their companies.

A little about me:

The majority of my time is spent operating my practice "The Wellness Sanctuary" where we provide alternative wellness and behavioral health services to our clients.

In addition, I'm a college adjunct professor, an avid writer, a 5x published author and journalism enthusiast. Needless to say, I make it my mission to create social change where ever I can.


Another nickname for me is "WellnessPreneur." 


Overall, with nearly 2 decades of wisdom in the fields of business, wellness, behavioral health and education, I've garnered amazing success in every avenue I've ventured out in. 


Now, I'd like to show others how to do the same.

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