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Hello, My name is Tiana Allen
and I'm here to help you strategize and create the organic and authentic success your company deserves.

Tiana Allen is a true expert. With over 16+ years experience as an entrepreneur, 12+ years as an educator, and 9 Years as a nonprofit owner, Tiana's advice can help you soar into great heights with any business large or small. Schedule to have a consult. Tiana assists

  • Small businesses with growth strategies

  • Corporations with the essential workshops needed to balance out their organizations

  • Creative ways that allow CEO's /Executives to communicate with HR and employees and to their customer/client

  • Those over the age of 35+ whom are interested in finding their purpose, starting a business or leveraging their businesses in order to "be in the loop" with younger entrepreneurs.

Tiana has 11 proven strategies that she has personally used in order to maintain a profitable and grounded business. Her transparency approach has been known to be "on point" as her experiences have provided her the wisdom to understand what your entrepreneurial needs are. Having a consult with Tiana Allen just may be able to help you find the missing key to get you and your company where you are going in life as well as in business.

Here are a few options

Advice and Consulting

Assistance in Creating a Business Plan

SWOT Analysis & Proposal Writing

Ideas for Business Growth

Branding Ideas

Creative Direction &

Disruptive Marketing Ideas

Corporate Consulting

Leadership Workshops

Ethics Workshops

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Self Care Workshops

Disruptive Marketing Ideas

Entrepreneurs over 35+

Many people over the age of 35 have already had the life experience necessary to be successful entrepreneurs. Let Tiana Allen help you use what you already learned in life and create a thriving business out of it. We will go step by step.


On the alternate side, maybe you are an older adult that is having a tough time finding your purpose. You may be an empty nester, divorcing from a long relationship or changing careers. Even if business ownership is not the path you want to choose let us help you find your amazing in life.


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